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Our Services


Data &
Architecture Solutions 

Raven gives you full visibility on your business by combining all your data sources into one source of truth.

  • Data insights on customers \ users

  • Personalize and optimize customer relationships

  • Automate all your manual activity = Time & Money Saving

  • Track Marketing efforts and measure attribution impact 

  • Monitor your business top financial metrics

  • Smart visualization.

  • Control and alerts

Data infrastructure 

  • SAAS

  • Applications \ E-Commerce \ Retail 

  • Map & Connect all data source 

  • Validation & Cleaning 

  • Accurate Data layers in your business context 

  • One source of truth 

  • Customer segmantation driven your Data

Data Cloud
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Data Cloud
Data Cloud


Automation & Visualization

  • Automate all manual activities 

  • Automate manual proccess 

  • Smart Alerts 

  • Marketing Dashboard

  • Finance dashboard 

  • Executive Dashboard 

  • Customized Dashboard 


Data Sciences & Analytics 

Raven helps you understand the motivation behind any action your customers take.

Analyses and science models help you unlock insights about your customers and better predict their actions.

Prediction Models 

  • Attribution models 

  • Users Behavior Predictions 

  • LTV 

  • NBO \ NBA 

  • Sales prediction 

  • Marketing budget Allocation model 

  • RTB Predictions 

  • Smart Alerts 

  • Customize model 


  • Users Segmentation

  • Top Features analysis 

  • Smart Alerts 

  • Marketing Dashboard

  • Finance dashboard 

  • Executive Dashboard 

  • Customized Dashboard 


Data Consulting & Managements  

With deep technical discovery of your company, we create a data-driven, customized business strategy. Based on our methodological process, we create a clear KPI definition and a data organizational structure that provides insights and a road map for understanding the implications of every decision you make.


  • Establish accurate KPIs by analyzing the business objective and current performance

  • Connect financial metrics and business metrics to current and potential data sources 

  • Create a “Data language” across all units and departments. 

  • Integrate new data strategies into existing work processes to optimize performance  

  • Map your North-Star metrics and user flow (acquisition, retention, and magic moments)

  • Data - Driven users expirience,  communication and relationship plan - (Both online and offline). 

  • Behavioral economics best practices examination.

  • Large scale A\B test implementation and measurement. 

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