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Data Architecture & Infrastructure Solutions 

Raven provides full visibility of your business by connecting all your data sources into one source of truth.

  • Deep & Custom Business Analysis

  • Define KPIs and goals

  • Structured Data based on KPIs and business goals 

  • Data Insights 

  • Automate all your manual activity = Time & Money Saving

  • Present data in real time

  • Monitor your business top financial metrics

  • Track Marketing efforts and measure attribution impact

  • Smart visualization.

  • Control and alerts

  • Predictions
    User behavior predictions: LTV & Churn prediction,segmentations, top features analysis, NBO\NBA Business economics modeling: sales prediction models,dynamic pricing, risk assessments.
  • Interpretations
    Using AI model to predict and interpret human behaviour based on your data. Customizing your data into explainable features to establish a hypothesis that will focus on enhancing your product real value.
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