Data Driven Growth 

 We provide advanced behavioral data solutions to support the business' needs. We combine the power of human intelligence with computer data processing and AI capabilities to support companies to become "data first". 



Our Story

We believe that every data point is like a trail of light leading you to understand your consumer better.

For over a decade, are wittnising the Israeli high-tech industry facing complicated data challenges. companies had to operate in the dark, accumulating huge volumes of data that were left sitting on their dashboard. Now, as traditional methods are fading away, Raven Data seamless approaches to Behaviour Data Analytics can be a game-changer for any company.

Data, when put in the right hands can be extremely valuable for overcoming challenges and solving complicated problems. However, analyzing and utilizing large volumes of data is no easy task - while even the most seasoned analysts cannot wrap their minds around it, no machine learning algorithm or AI model can provide useful insight without a human brain behind it.


Raven Data aims to solve your organization's most complex problems by doing exactly that - we combine the power of human intelligence with computer data processing and AI capabilities to provide the best of all worlds.

Our products


Startup Development Team

End-to-End Solution

Online Monitoring

Task Force


Founding teams

Defining your problems based on business goals, mapping data sources and implementing a full "data-first" solution

Solving specific business' needs by implementing cutting-edge solutions that are based on data-science tools and intelligence research methods

Establishing a data team in your organization.
Data-driven decision making will become part of your organization's DNA

Business Team

Our Team

Each and everyone in our team holds a unique combination of people-person and data-enthusiasm. We have gained vast experience in top IDF units and Israeli tech companies, in both analytics and research, and in cutting-edge technologies: data pipelines, machine learning applications, and enterprise software. This combination is what that will enable our teams to answer your organization’s needs end to end - fully understanding the business needs and priorities, and implementing the exact solution to provide the desired results.

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Laptop and Notebook

Data infrastructure

Map, clean and verify your different data sources

Integrate all data sources into one business’ KPIs focused centralized database. ​


Create User-Based data warehouse as single source of truth

Predictions & Interpretations

 User behavior predictions: LTV & Churn prediction, segmentation, top features analysis, NBO\NBA

Business economics modeling: sales prediction models, dynamic pricing, risk assessments.

Using ML model for consumer behavior interpretations

Monitoring  and Tracking

Monitor your business’ top financial metrics

Track marketing efforts and measure attribution impact

Product Usage analysis (on-boarding, funnel drop-offs, retention/engagement correlation analysis.

Growth Planning

Identify your North-Star metrics and maps user Flows (Acquisition loops, Retention loops, Magic Moments)


Fully user communication plan - both online and offline.

-Behavioral economics best practices examination


Large scale A/B test implementation and measurement


Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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